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The AO Scan Mobile - Incredible Biofeedback and Frequency Generating for Empowerment at Home

The AO Scan Mobile is an incredible biofeedback technology that I have found to be an amazing tool for families, practitioners, and individuals who are looking to optimize their health. I first found out about the AO Scan Mobile as I was in the process of transitioning from my brick and mortar practice to going completely virtual. I had been using the Zyto technology in my practice, so I was familiar with bioresonance. When I had my first scan with the AO Scan Mobile, I was amazed. Like my jaw-dropped and I was ecstatic and excited. It seemed to be the answer to my prayers and the perfect way to segue into my new venture of being a completely virtual practitioner.

Why I was so excited

Now you might be wondering why I was SO excited when I already had a $15,000 bioresonance device in my office that I was using with clients… what’s the big deal? Well, the AO Scan took what was already really awesome about the Zyto technology I was using, and blew it out of the water. Instead of just scanning for the energetic imbalances in the body, the AO technology also sent optimizing and balancing frequencies right back to the body, in the same scan. Previously I was scanning clients, and having to come up with supplement protocols to help get them back into range. I didn’t have the ability to send their body optimizing frequencies after finding all these imbalances with the Zyto. So just that feature was enough to convince me that this was my next purchase for my practice.

When I had my first ever AO Scan, I was in San Diego, California, and my now-friend Julie Anna was way over in Puerto Rico. She ran the scan for me over the phone, and the scan was completed in just 6 minutes. I was again, dumbfounded and amazed. After spending so much time with all my clients just to scan them, plus the time it took me to put together their protocols, 6 minutes felt like a dream come true versus the almost 2 hours I would spend with just one client in person! I couldn’t stop thinking about how many MORE people practitioners could help in a day with this technology. So many more people could be helped with this technology in their own homes! Also, being able to run a scan from a distance with just a cell phone connection?! (Now we know we can run scans without even having a cellular connection!) Previously, before the AO Scan Mobile, for me to be able to run scans for clients at a distance, they would have had to either rent or purchase a hand cradle, have it shipped to them, and then we’d have to connect over the internet. It was just a hassle. So you can imagine how excited I was once I learned about how simple scans were with the AO scan mobile, even from a distance. PLUS not to mention the fact that it’s basically like a treatment in a fancy wellness center when a scan is run. Everything in the body gets optimized! My Zyto scanner has been collecting dust ever since I received my AO Scan Mobile.

Within the AO Scan Mobile there are a lot of amazing features. The 6 minute EZ scan is a combination of Inner Voice, Vitals, and Comprehensive scans. Like the name suggests, it is very easy. You record your voice for 10 seconds, then the scanner goes strait into your vitals and comprehensive scanning and optimizing.

Let’s chat about the different scans

Inner Voice

Inner Voice is a voice analysis technology that analyzes up to 10,000 frequencies in your voice. It analyzes the pitches, tones and frequencies within your voice to find imbalances, and then creates custom sound therapy, tailored to you to bring balance. These custom tones help release trapped emotions, address old emotional scars, and bring balance. Many have reported pain relief, an increase in peace, a sense of well-being, increased creativity and more from listening to their Inner Voice Balancing Harmonics.

Before I was introduced to the AO Scan Mobile, I had previously experienced a similar sound therapy- where my therapist recorded a short clip of my voice and created music for me to listen to. I had been in a traumatic car accident and was really struggling with PTSD, anxiety and panic. The music she made me really helped me! The only thing was, I couldn’t bring those tones home with me, and just one session with her was a significant cost. Now with the AO Scan’s Inner Voice, we can create these custom, balancing harmonics and send those tones directly to a client or family member in an email. They can continue to listen to them as much as they want! It is definitely best and encouraged to make new playlists regularly, but what a difference it makes to be able to listen multiple times, to not have to drive to a therapist, and to not pay hundreds of dollars a session!

I encourage all my clients to consider having their own AO Scan technology in their own home so that they can run unlimited scans, create unlimited Inner Voice Playlists, and generate unlimited frequencies for their families. It’s not only cost effective, but so empowering and life changing. I truly believe that every home needs this technology!

Like you can see in this text, my clients agree!

AO Scan Mobile
AO Scan Testimony

The Vitals and Comprehensive Scans

The Vitals scan is like taking a look at your blood biology- you can think of this scan as energetic lab work. The Comprehensive Scan is looking at your physical anatomy- this is more like an MRI or CT Scan.

People are always amazed at how accurate they find scans to be, and are shocked with how in depth the scans go. You are able to use these scans to pinpoint specific areas and scan and optimize as needed. For instance, if you were searching for answers on what’s going on with your lymphatic system, you could specifically scan and optimize just that system.

Reading reports

There IS a learning curve to understanding reports. It’s important to remember that this is purely educational, not diagnostic. When you’re looking at your reports you’re going to see different colors and numbers- green fives are optimal, and what we’re shooting for! You’ll be able to see if a different area in the body is leaning towards having chronic issues, or more acute. The main thing I encourage my clients to do with their reports is to look for patterns. There’s no need to stress over each and every scan, because it’s going to change each and every time. That’s how energy works! And we are energetic beings (99.99999% energy to be exact!).

Some of my clients don’t even look at their reports- they run their daily, 6 minute EZ Scan, listen to their 3 minute Balancing Harmonics, and take their recommended supplements. Easy peasy. If that’s all you ever wanted to do, that would be A OK, and still tremendously benefiting you. Remember how every single scan is helping bring your body back towards homeostasis? And Inner Voice Balancing Harmonics are supporting your emotional, mental and even physical health? You can make this experience as simple or complex as you want.

Let’s say you DO want to dive into your reports, you’re ready to nerd out and figure out exactly what your body needs support with. There are TONS of resources available for you.

Some of the resources include:

-Solex’s backlog of YouTube videos (my favorites are interviews with Deborah Bruce where she helps explain understanding reports)

-Solex University

Basic Training is free, and gets you through the basics of setting up your device etc.

Phase one is chock full of information to help you better understand your reports and the scanner.

Phases 2-3 actually unlock even more of the scanner! (Data base that shows what year an imbalance came from, causes etc., HomeoEnergetix, and the Dental and TMJ scans)

These need further training to help you understand all the extra information without getting overwhelmed!

+ more course options too on Homeopathy, the digestive system and reading/ understanding reports are also available in Solex University!

-Facebook groups

My team has some incredible Facebook groups filled with a safe place for questions, lots of information, team calls and trainings for those of you wanting to join the business side of the AO Scanner.

-Solex Events

Solex also has two events a year- a virtual Day of Discovery, and one in person! These are always FULL of amazing training, information and education!

-Plus when you join me, I’ll be here for personal support 😊

As you can see, there’s alot of amazing resources you can dive into if you want to learn more bout understanding reports and get to know your scanner.


SEFI stands for subtle energy frequency imprinter. This is probably my favorite feature in the scanner next to Inner Voice. SEFI is the portion of the scanner where you can choose from thousands of different frequencies and either imprint them or broadcast them. Imprinting means you can imprint any of these specific frequencies into a beverage, your food, jewelry, Sibin products from Solex, sugar pellets, your dogs collar.. the options are endless. Broadcasting means that the frequency will go directly to yours or your clients body through the quantum field. Check out this testimony from a client using SEFI to help her dad with a migraine:

AO Scan Mobile

AO Scan Mobile

AO Scan Mobile
AO Scan SEFI Testimony- Migraine

And she was also able to help her strep throat with SEFI:

AO Scan Mobile
SEFI Testimony Strep Throat

SEFI is powerful, gentle, and effective. You can also create your own Flower Remedies, Homeopathics, Cell Salts and Nosodes with SEFI that are just like what you would buy in a store. Talk about saving money and being empowered!

Nutrition and Supplements

I could go on forever talking about this incredible technology, but let me end with nutrition and supplements. Within the Vitals scan are detailed reports on food sensitivities- AMAZING.

You can also input your supplements (and even modalities) right into the device- this way you can scan for EXACTLY what you need throughout the day. Take away the need for extensive protocols, minimize what you’re taking, and don’t guess. Being able to check for supplements has saved my clients and I so much money, not to mention it seems much more effective to take exactly what your body is resonating with!

Getting your own frequency generator

So I hope that answered any questions you may have had about the AO Scan Mobile, and I hope I was able to share just how valuable this technology is. A tool that I only WISH I would have had when I first started my healing journey.

If you’re ready to get your own, you can go to my link here:

You have a few different options for purchasing- but the main thing is the AO Scan Subscription which is $149/ month. (Did I mention this used to be a $38k device for practitioners and doctors + a monthly subscription?!) v

There are mobile devices available through Solex to have your subscription on a separate device, dedicated to being your scanner. This is the preferred and recommended way. The Solex Devices also come with a Bone Transducer headset for optimal, in-person scanning.

AO Scan Mobile by Solex
AO Scan device from Solex vs. using your own device

You can choose between being a

-Retail Customer (full price)

-Preferred Customer (discounted, subscription automatically goes through each month)


-Quantum Living Advocate (same as Preferred, except opens up the business opportunity)

When you sign up as a Preferred Customer or Quantum Living Advocate, you will of course be able to pause or cancel your subscription at any time if you for some reason needed to.

When you join me as a QLA, you will be added to our FB groups with trainings and support.

I can’t wait to help you get started!

Please reach out with any questions! ❤️

Solex Quantum Living Advocate
Quantum Living Advocate vs Preferred Customer

Quantum Living Advocate
Solex Business Opportunity

Quantum Living Advocate, Solex business opportunity
AO Scan Mobile, Quantum Living Advocate

The AO Scan Mobile is NOT a medical device. It is purely educational. The AO Scan Mobile is not diagnostic. The AO Scan Mobile is not a replacement for medical care.


Sign up with me!

If you for some reason have any trouble purchasing on the website, please reach out to me so I can help you! The website is best opened up on a desktop.

You can also call customer support and let them know you would like to order through me- just let them know you are trying to order with Simmons Holistics, INC. (Katelyn Carlson/Simmons) this way I can be sure to be your direct line of support with your AO Scanner.

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