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Faith and Energy Medicine - what I have learned as a Christian in the energy healing world

Let me start this out by saying- I used to be very fearful of energy work, anything that seemed to be a part of the new age. I was fearful of crystals, I didn’t understand how muscle testing worked, and was very hesitant anytime I heard the word energy. I mistook the voice of fear for the voice of the Holy Spirit’s discernment.

Some facts I’ve learned along this journey that have eased my mind, helped me discern, and have actually increased my faith include:

1- The fact that we are all made up of primarily energy.

God designed us to be made up of 99.99999% energy. We are made in His image. He spoke and it was. He created us with the very VIBRATION of His voice. Let that sink in.

2-God’s creation was designed perfectly.

He put the sun in the perfect spot to sustain life, He gave the earth a perfect magnetic field that sustains life, He even made different crystals to oscillate at specific frequencies that promote health and vitality. We each have a field of energy around our bodies called the Biofield that extends up to 10 feet. The electromagnetic field of our heart is scientifically measurable from multiple feet away. The Creator electrically designed our bodies and our environment.

So why then, if our Creator seems to have INTENDED us to harvest energy from the earth and the sun, plants and animals, and even from the infrared heat from fire light- are we so afraid of energy?

Are there counterfeits to God’s creation? Absolutely. I would recommend reading the book the Physics of Heaven to dig deeper into this.

The more I have learned about energy, Quantum Physics and Quantum Biology, the more I have seen how incredible our energetic world was designed. The more I learn, the more my faith grows.

More on The Energy Healing Modalities and Technology I use:

I came across the Emotion Code out of pure desperation. I was a health practitioner with a thriving brick and mortar business, struggling to heal after a traumatic accident that left me depressed, anxious and in chronic pain. I had tried everything and was at a loss for what else I could possibly do to heal.

One day I felt a nudge to do a search on Instagram-I searched “Christian energy healing” and found an Emotion Code Practitioner. I was intrigued, and ended up just diving into the certification course before even having a session with the practitioner. I wanted to learn how a person of faith could so boldly advertise energy healing, at a distance, as a Christian.

In the course I learned how to Proxy Muscle test- which simply put; is distance muscle testing. Learning the science behind this form of accessing the subconscious mind through biofeedback seemed to answer so many of my questions about energy healing as a Christian, and it de-mystified how distance energy healing could work. (If you do not know much about the subconscious mind and muscle testing, these are fascinating subjects that also help to demystify energy work that I would encourage you to look into.)

Fun fact: The subconscious mind is actually estimated to be one million times more powerful than our conscious mind! Basically, the subconscious mind makes up the majority of our intelligence, so it’s super important to understand! This is why God tells us to fill our minds with good things that are lovely, pure, and of a good report!

Watch this video to learn more:

Spooky Action at a Distance

There’s this thing that Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”, which Quantum Physicists now refer to as Quantum Entanglement. Basically, once two things are connected in some way, they will forever be connected and able to influence the other no matter how great the distance. This explains the phenomenon of why you’ll be thinking of a dear friend and suddenly see their name pop up on your cellphone, giving you a call to say hello. Or why twins seem to have a spooky connection, or why mothers have such an instinctive knowing of the wellbeing of their children.

Now of course, a lot of this Quantum talk requires a bit of faith. Faith is what caused Peter to be able to walk on water when he saw Jesus in the storm. Jesus asks us to have Faith. It takes faith to believe that your prayers are heard. You don’t need to be a Quantum Physicist and understand Quantum Physics to have faith. Get used to talking to God about your concerns, your worries, and leaving them at the foot of the cross.

I believe that God does not deny healing to anyone. The way He heals and the conduits He uses may differ, but if you ask by faith, you will receive.

Modalities like the Emotion Code, and the Body Code (level two of the Discover Healing certifications) are simply tools that we can use to heal. You can learn how to muscle test yourself by reading these two books by Dr Bradley Nelson.

The Emotion Code Book:

The Body Code Book:

Something interesting that I now do in every energy healing session is that I only work through prayer. I muscle test to find the trapped emotion or the imbalance, then say a simple prayer asking Jesus to release the emotion or imbalance etc. I have found that this works faster and more effectively than the way taught in the Emotion Code/ Body Code modality. It’s also strengthened my prayer life- I see how God transforms my clients, session after session- why wouldn’t He answer my other prayers? The truth is, He always hears us. It’s up to us to be still, to have faith, to wait on the Lord and to trust Him.

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you” Matthew 17:20

The AO Scan Mobile

Shortly after finding the Emotion Code, I was introduced to the AO Scan Mobile. This device works through the Quantum field, at a distance. Learning the science behind this tool propelled me into learning more and more about energy, frequency, sound and vibration. An amazing book to read to learn more about sound is The Sound of Healing by Michael Tyrell.

Since starting this journey of learning about energy healing I have switched over my brick and mortar business to go completely virtual to practice distance energy healing, and share about the AO Scan Mobile technology while teaching others about energy and frequency. I believe a big part of my calling is to share this form of healing with fellow believers to help empower them with answers, and to free themselves from the evil that seems to be controlling our current medical system. My goal is to demystify energy, frequency and vibration, while encouraging others to stretch their faith, learn how to discern and get closer to God.

I share more on my Instagram @katelynsimmonsofficial

I have a highlight bubble on the Subconscious Mind, along with many past posts talking about my personal beliefs and my journey.

Check out this post I made a while back about God's promises.

Additional resources:

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Dec 17, 2023

Thank you for this! Keep writing For this of us who are on the journey!

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