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What is the processing period?

The processing period is the time period after we have instructed the body to release trapped emotions in an emotional release session. 

So what should you expect? 

Not everyone feels dramatic changes right away- in fact, for many, the changes are very subtle. It can take time for the body to heal where the emotions had been previously trapped. I’ve found that sometimes a few weeks or even months after an appointment, I’ll receive a text reporting pain relief or a big positive change from people who didn’t feel much during their session, or even during the processing period.

Not feeling much during your session doesn’t mean it didn’t work! 

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Your body is finishing processing old emotional energy

The emotional processing time after a session typically lasts anywhere from a day, to a few days. It is very rare for it to last longer than that, but it is possible. Imagine each trapped emotion to be essentially a toxin. Your body is going through an emotional cleanse! 

So to understand more about the processing period, we should go back to the beginning. How did these emotions even get trapped in the first place? 🧐

An emotion initially gets trapped when the emotional process gets interrupted. 

The emotional process is supposed to look something like: 

1-The emotion gets created by our organs. (emotion= energy in motion) 

2-We experience the emotion, feel the emotion and all the sensations that come with that energy. 

3-We release the emotional energy. 

An emotion gets trapped when any of these steps gets interrupted. Example: the shock of an accident, the intensity of a breakup, high stress etc.. 

When we identify these trapped emotions that have gotten lodged in the body, we instruct the body to finish that processing period! 

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What many people feel during processing:

After releasing these emotions that have been stuck (for sometimes a lifetime) can be exhausting. Some people have reported feeling extremely relaxed, lightheaded, sleepy, energized, “wind”, goosebumps, “heavy”, a flood of emotions, and even instant pain relief or physical changes. It really depends on the individual, and whether you feel a lot or feel nothing at all, it’s still working.

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A beautiful explanation of what trapped emotions are from one of my clients:

“We all know that uncomfortable feeling when it feels like there is a pit in your stomach or a heartbreak feels like your heart is literally breaking. Apparently unresolved trauma is energy that can fester into our weakened body parts. Overtime this ball of energy can slowly cause tissue/organ function weakening and can manifest into disease. After my first 15 minute remote treatment, my heavy pain in my organs and fascia felt lighter and free. Felt a weight lifted off my heart. I want to have this remote, noninvasive, relaxing, and side effect free treatment all the time because it relieves so much pain. Mind blowing that this works so quickly and efficiently. “

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What should you do during the processing period?

While it is technically not necessary to do anything during the processing period, many do find it to be very helpful. It's important to listen to your body. 👂

If you are feeling exhausted, it can be beneficial to rest, go to bed earlier than normal, or take a nap. 

Some things I encourage all my clients to do after their sessions include: 

-Drinking plenty of water 

-Gentle movement like walking or stretching 

-Gratitude journaling 

-Listening to their Balancing Harmonics playlists (Inner Voice) or Solfeggio Frequencies 

-Allow themselves to feel whatever emotions come up, cry if you need to cry! 

Processing Period : Mission
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The cause of the cause of the cause...


Could your physical body be showing your emotional and energetic state of health? Trapped emotions can be trapped anywhere from the fascia, to the lymphatic system to the bones and muscles. This is why *physical processing symptoms are possible!

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