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"Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies."
-Nikola Tesla

💫Frequency generator.
💫Sound therapy.

Take your health into your own hands and educate yourself on the energetic state of you body.

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AO Scan Mobile: Welcome
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What is the AO Scan Mobile?

The AO Scan Mobile is a small, portable wellness device that has been a game-changer for myself, my family and my clients. This little quantum wellness center is an at-home bioresonance device that can scan your body for what is out of balance, then send optimizing and balancing frequencies right back to your body!

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Features of the AO Scan Mobile

Mind, Body and Spirit

Inner Voice

Emotional well-being

The Inner Voice portion of the scan records 10 seconds of your voice to create a CUSTOM sound therapy playlist specific to your current emotional and mental state. The software will analyze the pitches, tones and frequencies in your voice to find your specific emotional imbalances. You will then have four, MP3 files for you to listen to to help bring balance, release old trapped emotions and traumas and support your emotional and mental health! It is truly amazing! 

Vitals Scan

Energetic labs

The Vitals portion of the scan checks for the energetic state of your blood biology to find what is out of balance. The reports include information on the energetic state of your blood, gastrointestinal system, chakras, meridians, nutritional reports, toxicities and more! After the scan is completed, the AO Scan software will also SEND YOUR BODY optimizing and balancing frequencies to help bring your body back to homeostasis! An incredible way to identify and address root causes. 

Comprehensive Scan

Like an MRI or CT scan

The Comprehensive scan checks for the energetic state of your anatomy. A detailed scan of the frequencies from over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes. This scan is VERY in depth including: arteries, veins, bones, nerves, eyes, lymphatic system, skeletal system, muscles, organs, glands and tissues... down to the cells, mitochondria and DNA! The AO Scan software will also SEND YOUR BODY optimizing and balancing frequencies to help bring your body back to homeostasis! An incredible way to identify and address root causes. 

AO Scan Mobile: Services

SEFI (Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter)

Frequency generating using scalar waves and quantum technology to either broadcast or imprint those frequencies into any element or item. Choose from hundreds of options of frequencies to imprint or broadcast- including frequencies specific to symptoms, ailments, detoxing and more. Use SEFI at a distance or to groups of people, anywhere in the world! (You can utilize any of the AO Scan Mobile features from a distance to anyone, anywhere in the world at the touch of a button!) 

Categories of frequencies to choose from include:

Quantum Reach

Wide selection of categories to imprint or broadcast specific frequencies to emotions and body functions.

Quantum Frequency

Wide selection of categories to imprint or broadcast frequencies for specific physical functions.

Quantum Affirmations

Wide selection of affirmative frequencies to balance emotions.

Quantum Flowers

Frequencies extracted from a wide selection of flowers to target emotional issues.

Quantum Chakras

Seven different chakras frequencies to balance energy.

Quantum HomeoEnergetix

HomeoEnergetix frequencies extracted from flowers and other natural elements.

Innergy HomeoEnergetix

A combination of HomeoEnergetix and energetic frequencies.

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All these features are included in the AO Scan Mobile! 

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Watch my FREE webinar 

Learn how I started using the AO Scan Mobile in my practice at Aloha Holistic Health, how it's been transforming lives, and how you can get your your own AO Scan Mobile for your home or practice!

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"My husband and I have noticed since the SEFI frequencies that we felt energized and excited about life! Thank you so much!"

"When you started the SEFI frequencies, I got a warm glow in my gut... a calming, warm ball of... something?"

"I have been sleeping so much better, feeling GREAT, and I am telling you good things have been happening ever since you've been sending me those SEFI frequencies! I've been able to relax and be zen."

"Thank you friend. I truly believe these SEFI frequencies are making a difference for me mentally!"

AO Scan Mobile: Testimonials

Still have questions?

Check out these FAQs 


Can I try this out before I buy my own?

YES! You can either set up an Intro Scan with me OR try the software AT HOME for 3 full days! Use the links above to book.

I'm in a different state/ country than you, can I still sign up for an Intro Scan?

YES! The beauty of the AO Scan Mobile is everything can be done from a distance! It's incredible! When I had my very first AO Scan, I was in Southern California and the practitioner was in Puerto Rico! 🤯 It's all done over the phone, or completely virtual.

How often can I run scans once I have my own AO Scan Mobile?

Great question! Personally I recommend to scan daily. Although, you can check for supplements multiple times a day, run Inner Voice Scans multiple times a day, and you can use SEFI all day long! 

Is this a medical device, can it diagnose me?

NO! The AO Scan Mobile is NOT a medical device. The AO Scan Mobile is an educational tool that does not cure, treat, prevent or diagnose ANYTHING! 

Can I use the AO Scan Mobile on my pets and kids?

Absolutely! The AO Scan Mobile is safe for anyone, even pregnant women and individuals with electronic implants. Very safe! You may notice your pets and kids especially are drawn to the AO Scan Mobile. 👀

AO Scan Mobile: FAQ


AO Scan Mobile: Text

"Hi Kate, it's been amazing to feel so at peace since you've been sending those SEFI frequencies!"

"Thank you for the frequencies today. I think they are giving me energy and perhaps more patience."

"I want to tell you that my focus on completing work assignments this past week has been over the top for me."

"I've been feeling more motivated and creative these past couple weeks, love it!"

AO Scan Mobile: Testimonials

For more in-depth information and education on the AO Scan mobile, be sure you are following me on Instagram @alohaholistichealth!


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AO Scan Mobile: Instagram


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"I have been in major motivational and creative mode!"

"The AO Scan Mobile has helped me and my family in so many ways, but our favorite is the Inner Voice with the colored glasses. The personalized tones the inner voice produces has helped us calm down when stressed or anxious. When we listen before bedtime, it helps better than white noise to help fall asleep and stay asleep. That's one tiny sliver of why we love the AO Scan and the Inner Voice section."

"I just wanted to tell you I started off the day with a HUGE sick headache (on my period) - after the frequencies I got a ton of relief from it! I didn't even take anything for it- it just subsided!"

AO Scan Mobile: Testimonials

Join the Breakthrough Revolution Instagram!

Where we share more info on the AO Scan Mobile, testimonies, updates and more!

We also have a private community for our QLAs to join once signed up with our team. 

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AO Scan Mobile: Image
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