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Some of my favorites

Mind, Body and Soul

Thank you for supporting my business by using my affiliate links and discount codes, I appreciate it so much!


Best Blue Light Blockers

The blue-light blockers I wear every day! My favorites are the clip and goz! Use code ALOHA for 15% off!


My favorite red light therapy panel

Red light, yellow light, powerful but lightweight. The red light therapy panel I use every day!


King Coffee

Hormone-modulating, detoxifying, amazing coffee with Reishi spores.

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PEMF mat, Sauna bag

My favorite PEMF mat, sauna bag and red-light face mask for skin care


Red light laser - handheld

My favorite red light for traveling. Get a discount by being a preferred customer or QLA with me through Solex. Reach out to learn more!


Mito Life products

Vitamin E, Desiccated Oyster, Shilajit and more. Find some of my favorite supplements that I take on the regular. Discount code ALOHA

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Queen of Thrones Castor Oil packs

The castor oil packs I'm always ranting and raving about!



Order your Somavedic frequency therapy device to combat harmful EMFs


EMF Solutions

Non-native EMF remediation

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Grounding shoes

My favorite minimalist grounding shoes that keep you connected with the earth- just like you're barefoot!


M Blue

The methylene blue I use! Comes with instructions- all you need is a dropper bottle to mix the blue with water.



Read this book for dosages, contraindications and more info! Remember to always do your own research and talk to your doctor!

Kate's Favorites: Services
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M Blue, Troche form

Another fave way to take M Blue for optimal Mitochondrial support.


Guided meditations for at home!

Get the Brain Tap app! My favorite meditations I use daily.


Get Emotion Code / Body Code Certified!

Become an Emotion Code/ Body Code practitioner and help change the world with this amazing modality!

Kate's Favorites: Services
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