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My favorite red light therapy options

Red Light Therapy: Text
True Light Red Light Panel

Red Light Therapy

Truelight red light has Red, Yellow, Deep Red, and Near Infrared light! 
Light weight, easy to use, one of my faves!


Red Light Laser

Different from the panels, this handheld laser is great for travel, beauty routines and a more targeted approach to using red light therapy.

Red Light Therapy: Services

Why Red Light Therapy?

Not only is Red Light Therapy relaxing...

But there is a multitude of health benefits! 


-Increased muscle endurance, tone and density

-Reduced inflammation 

-Weight loss 

-Hair growth 


-Improved mitochondrial health 

-Improved cognitive function 

-Hormone regulation 

-Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

-Improved mood 

-Helps the body in the production of exclusion zone water 

-Reduction in cellulite 

-Sunburn prevention and "preconditioning" of the skin before sunlight exposure 

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