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Answering some of the most commonly asked questions

Your booking site says "by phone". Are any of your sessions over the phone? 

Unfortunately my booking site does not give me the option to have my offerings say "remote" or "virtual", so you will always see on sessions that they are "by phone". The ONLY session I offer that is over the phone currently is the AO Scan Introductory scan. If you do not see this on my booking site, it means it is no longer available to book.

How should I feel after an emotional release session? 

Everyone is different! Go to my "processing" page on this website to find more info on the processing period and what you can expect! According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, only about 20% of people really "feel" much during an Emotion Code session. Just because you don't feel anything in a session, does not mean it didn't work! The beauty of the modalities I use in my practice is that is is gentle, yet very powerful.

What's the difference between all the modalities?

While all of the modalities I use are pretty similar, there are some differences! 

You can always know that I do all my sessions with proxy muscle testing. You can learn more about muscle testing on my Instagram! All emotional release work done is permanent! 

The Emotion Code: 

Identifying and releasing trapped emotions with the modality created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. In these sessions we typically check for when the emotions were trapped, and where they were lodged in the body. 

The Body Code: 

Identifying and releasing trapped energies that go beyond emotions. Modality created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Includes instructing the body to reset, rebalance and realign structures and tissues. 

May address chakras, meridians, the biofield and more in these sessions, along with trapped emotions. 


MBSR stands for Mind Body Spirit Release 

Identifying and releasing trapped emotions, blocks to positive emotions, disresonances and more. Modality created by Tracy Southwick. 

MBSR has 3 levels of training that a practitioner can go through, I am certified through level 3. 

Foundational MBSR strictly identifies and releases trapped emotions, blocks to positive emotions and "disresonance" between people or the self. 

Advanced MBSR goes a step further in releasing additional energies and bringing homeostasis to hormones, neurotransmitters, organs, glands, tissues etc. 

Advanced and Professional level MBSR (levels 2 & 3) are comparable to the Body Code, although they do not address specific misalignments. 

Professional MBSR is the third and final level of Mind Body Spirit Release that addresses chakras, meridians, paradigms, elements and more. 

I will soon be offering sessions that include ALL of the modalities I offer to better serve you, the client, along with making things less confusing. The sessions will use any/all of the modalities I am trained in and will be booked by time instead of modality. This will ensure you are getting exactly what your body needed for that particular session. 

Can I take the How To Do Groups course if I am not a practitioner?

No. I would not recommend taking this course if you are not either a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Body Code Practitioner or Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner, as I have designed the course specifically for certified practitioners who are well-versed in muscle testing and energy work.

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